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 (ŭn′sə-nāt′, -nĭt)
Bent at the end like a hook: uncinate process of the pancreas; uncinate trichomes.

[Latin uncīnātus, from uncīnus, barb, from uncus, hook.]


(ˈʌnsɪnɪt; -ˌneɪt)
1. (Biology) shaped like a hook: the uncinate process of the ribs of certain vertebrates.
2. (Zoology) of, relating to, or possessing uncini
[C18: from Latin uncīnātus, from uncīnus a hook, from uncus]


(ˈʌn sə nɪt, -ˌneɪt)

hooked; bent at the end like a hook.
[1750–60; < Latin uncīnātus furnished with hooks]
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The anterior temporal region (AT) is strongly interconnected with Broca's area through the uncinate fiber tract and is also implicated in syntactic processing (Mazoyer et al.
Computed tomography (CT) of the abdomen revealed multiple vessels in and around the head and uncinate process of the pancreas with feeding arteries from gastroduodenal artery (GDA) and superior mesenteric artery (SMA), early filling of superior mesenteric and portal veins and dense pancreatic stain in arterial phase (Figures 1A-C).
In addition, the CT scan showed a well-pneumatized uncinate process on the left side that appeared to be obstructing the outflow tract in the left ostiomeatal complex (figure, A).
CT scan done 6 years after the original diagnosis revealed pancreatic duct dilatation to 15 mm with side branch dilatation in uncinate process and atrophic pancreas (Fig 2).
Bulb much longer than wide, with 2 tegular apophyses; the median one uncinate, the apical one thorn-like shaped.
Pneumatisation of the uncinate process may be encountered in up to 4% of the population (Fig.
In some cases, the IPMN primarily involves the main pancreatic duct (main duct type), and in others, it is mostly confined to the branch ducts (branch duct type); the latter is predominant particularly in IPMNs that arise in younger patients and is more likely to involve the uncinate process.
She also had a large enhancing mass in the uncinate process of the pancreas suspicious for the primary tumor.
Examination revealed an exterior mass involving the right upper lateral nasal wall, and internal submucosal swelling near the uncinate and attachment of the right middle turbinate.
The pancreas is divided into the head, uncinate process, neck, body, and tail.
Nasal endoscopy identified polypoid tissue in the left middle meatus that had arisen from somewhere behind the left uncinate process (figure, B).
1) and a small lesion in the uncinate process of the pancreas (Fig.