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Adj.1.uncivilised - without civilizing influencesuncivilised - without civilizing influences; "barbarian invaders"; "barbaric practices"; "a savage people"; "fighting is crude and uncivilized especially if the weapons are efficient"-Margaret Meade; "wild tribes"
noncivilised, noncivilized - not having a high state of culture and social development
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If it has taken centuries or thousands of years to improve or modify most of our plants up to their present standard of usefulness to man, we can understand how it is that neither Australia, the Cape of Good Hope, nor any other region inhabited by quite uncivilised man, has afforded us a single plant worth culture.
In regard to the domestic animals kept by uncivilised man, it should not be overlooked that they almost always have to struggle for their own food, at least during certain seasons.
All I have learned at foreign courts, and amongst civilised and uncivilised people, is going to be utilised within the next couple of hours.
Accordingly, the men who were wanted were sought out and found; which was in itself a most uncivilised and irregular way of proceeding.
Are they cruel, savage, and uncivilised, or hospitable and humane?
It is always well, when dealing with uncivilised people, not to be in too great a hurry.
The Indian disruption is 'an uncivilised act' before demanding the authorities to approach the Modi government for explanation and resolve of the issue.
Zardari stated that thisIndian disruption is an uncivilised act and authorities should approach Modi government for an explanation and must resolve the issue.
These campaigns were part of Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) continued efforts aimed at preserving the city's appearance and contributing to the protection of the environment from uncivilised appearances.
The British people will not long tolerate fruitless attempts at civilised negotiations with increasingly uncivilised EU negotiators.
Killing animals for kicks is uncivilised and Johnson appears ignorant of the opposition in much of Spain.
Brigadier Ibrahim Sultan Al Zaabi, director of the transport security department, said: "Illegal taxi operation is uncivilised and has serious effects on the health and safety of users of such anonymous and unlicensed vehicles.