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Adv.1.unclearly - in a manner that is unclear
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Human defensins are induced on exposure to bacterial infection, proinflammatory stimuli, etc.19 TNF-[alpha] induces defensin expression in keratinocytes but the mechanism is unclearly.20 In this study, plasma defensin levels in iron deficiency anemia group were significantly higher than the control group.
forthwith on the adoption of the resolutions required for an amendment." (57) Assuming for the sake of argument that it is valid, section 35.1 of the CA 1982 unclearly, weakly, and probably unjusticiably requires the convening of a "constitutional conference" before the initiation of the procedure for an amendment of specified provisions that directly relate to the Aboriginal peoples of Canada.
His encyclopedic knowledge is legendary, and the quizzical furrow of his brow when you formulate a question unclearly hints at an impatience with lesser intellects.
Disordered thresholds indicate that the category is unclearly defined for respondents or occupies a narrow interval on the latent variable (Linacre, 1999).
We also asked patients for concerns about the items: unclearly formulated and redundant items, and items difficult to answer or upsetting.
Here, O'Gorman considers Swinburne's underdiscussed late-career political poetry, specifically those poems that respond unclearly to complex political issues, such as Swinburne's sonnet "Carnot" (1894), which confusingly condemns the anarchist assassination of Marie Francois Sadi Carnot, the president of France.
I have a senior boss who communicates unclearly and the result is that sometimes I do the wrong thing.
The adequate understanding and use of this concept requires resuming the recent contributions that follow, somewhat unclearly, the structuralist perspective.
Instead many major urban centers will be governed by town committees with weak and unclearly specified management arrangements (World Bank.
(103) While singular things are not in themselves, which implies that they cannot be perceived clearly and distinctly through themselves, they can nonetheless be considered in themselves unclearly and indistinctly, that is, confusedly and inadequately.