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Adj.1.unclipped - not clippedunclipped - not clipped; "unclipped rosebushes"; "unclipped hair"
uncut, untrimmed - not trimmed; "shaggy untrimmed locks"
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All the moral bracing up against the possible excesses of power and passion went for nothing before this sallow man, who wore a full unclipped beard.
He veered off his flight path, and instead of sitting tight and waiting to be rescued he unclipped himself and tried to make his way down.
I unclipped the little girl's seatbelt and carried her out.
They were both fully conscious with no initial signs of serious bleeding or injury, so I unclipped the little girl's seatbelt and carried her out as others worked to extinguish the front of the vehicle.
The hedge is unclipped, and the empty swimming pool would be a serious hazard in a more mobile family.
The woman then unclipped the pet's lead and tried to leave it behind, while hurling insults at those who went to help.
Western blot analysis of cyclin D1, c-myc, and bcl-2 in the unclipped kidney from 2K1C rats treated or not with lisinopril was done.
It was the greatest of all nights, apart from me trying to smoke an unclipped cigar for three hours.
The bags, which have reflective stripes and inside and outside pockets, can also be unclipped and used as rucksacks.
For this type of analysis, unclipped amplitude records of the complete AE catalogue are essential for studying events over a wide range of magnitudes.
Make sure your dropper loop is small enough so that when the weight is unclipped from the line, the loop and leader flow easily through the guides and wind smoothly onto the reel.