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Adj.1.unclipped - not clippedunclipped - not clipped; "unclipped rosebushes"; "unclipped hair"
uncut, untrimmed - not trimmed; "shaggy untrimmed locks"
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All the moral bracing up against the possible excesses of power and passion went for nothing before this sallow man, who wore a full unclipped beard.
Thieves unclipped the dog's collar from the lead before walking off with her.
It was the greatest of all nights, apart from me trying to smoke an unclipped cigar for three hours.
The bags, which have reflective stripes and inside and outside pockets, can also be unclipped and used as rucksacks.
I had hair like an unclipped poodle, shoulder-grazing earrings, red lipstick and dresses that an unkind friend suggested were made from caravan curtains.
Investigators are looking at whether the race driver became unclipped from his skis seconds before tumbling headlong into rocks.
PACAPOD MOAB CHANGING BAG STYLISH satchel-style changing bag for parents, crafted with heritage wool and oiled leather, with a three-in-one baby organisation system featuring two lightweight 'pods' to store baby feeding and changing items which can be unclipped and left at nursery, leaving room for a laptop.
Iain Lawrence, 53, had disabled the passenger airbag and moments before ploughing his car into the tree unclipped his wife Sally's seatbelt, because he could not cope with the breakup of their 12-year marriage.
Make sure your dropper loop is small enough so that when the weight is unclipped from the line, the loop and leader flow easily through the guides and wind smoothly onto the reel.
Two ways in which the Checkpoint Flyer differs from other such cases: the amount of protection it provides your gadgets and the fact that the laptop case can be unclipped from the rest of the briefcase so there's no need to remove anything from the case for the airport metal detector.
Only do this if you are sure you can complete the task, a half-clipped hedge looks more untidy than an unclipped hedge.
He thought the carabina on the rope could have unclipped, the rope wrongly tied or a sharp rock may have cut the rope.