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tr.v. un·cloaked, un·cloak·ing, un·cloaks
1. To remove a cloak or cover from.
2. To expose; reveal.


vb (tr)
1. to reveal
2. to remove a cloak from
vb (intr)
to remove a cloak



1. to remove the cloak from.
2. to reveal; expose.
3. to take off one's cloak.
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Verb1.uncloak - reveal the true nature ofuncloak - reveal the true nature of; "The journal article unmasked the corrupt politician"
debunk, expose - expose while ridiculing; especially of pretentious or false claims and ideas; "The physicist debunked the psychic's claims"
2.uncloak - remove a cloak fromuncloak - remove a cloak from      
take off - remove clothes; "take off your shirt--it's very hot in here"
References in classic literature ?
A creature that is just to tell a girl not to wet her feet, and when to cloak and uncloak, and to help tear the check-book out of money, is no more of a mother than old Simonds was of a Solomon, when he made that will which every one of us knows by heart quite as well as he knows the constitution.
212) The court thus looked behind the statute's "shall" mandate to uncloak discretion resting generally within the agency's statutory authority.
Advanced networked radars threaten to uncloak our stealthiest aircraft.
Collectively, with the help of journalists, including my NPR colleague Andy Carven, and online LGBT activists, we managed to uncloak the ugly truth.
By contrast, when Tippins and Jenny lie openly, they uncloak both the I who promises the truth and the I who speaks the falsehood.
Throughout my research, I had to restrain my enthusiasm, as I was certain of being one of the first, if not actually the very first, to uncloak this story.
The project of Caribbean feminist scholarship has been extensive--producing alternate narratives in an attempt to undermine practices of domination, engaging in significant projects of recovery, and aiming to uncloak the multiple and complex ways in which gender is significant to Caribbean life.
As if unmindful of its financial woes that pile up by the day - the falling rouble, the plunging oil prices and the economic sanctions from the West - Russia has decided to uncloak a number of the secret weapons that likely will see action in case of a nuclear showdown with the United States.
Tehran's abandonment of the deal--coming just weeks after President Obama's news conference at a G - 20 summit to uncloak a secret nuclear facility in Iran--made many key governments much less patient with Iranian leaders.
The opening of Mother Theresa's diaries, so filled with uncertainty and doubt, did not uncloak another Christian hoax; rather they revealed a woman who intimately knew Christ in the fellowship of His sufferings before Calvary, at Calvary, and since Calvary.
2) At the very least, by the effort to read prison writing systematically, by turning the tools of literary analysis to a comparative assessment of conditions of injustice, we begin to uncloak the prison, and begin to shed light on the punishment regimes that we hold up as systems of justice.
As for predicting changes in alliances and surprises, and the absence of Berri from this picture, after the bitterness he reaped in the patriarch's declaration, this remains an exercise in predictions: until we uncloak the "mystery" of the sudden transformations that turned something that was rejected into a place to tie the horses of every "positive"' person who will help save the country.