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tr.v. un·clogged, un·clog·ging, un·clogs
To clear a blockage from (a drain, for example).
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Adj.1.unclogged - freed of obstructionsunclogged - freed of obstructions; "an unclogged drain"
unobstructed - free from impediment or obstruction or hindrance; "an unobstructed view"
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Beijing has appealed to residents to take "green" transport and support traffic restrictions ahead of the Olympics, casting the city's pledge to provide clean air and unclogged roads as a civic "duty".
4 billion for the stents, which hold open arteries after they have been unclogged.
Drains company Dyno Rod, whose engineers across Liverpool unclogged nearly 3, 000 drains last year, an increase of 11% on 2003, cites cooking fats and oils as one of the biggest culprits of blockages.
Southern California's freeways could be altered to improve mass transit, guarantee every driver an unclogged alternative and create a much-needed source of revenue for road projects.
Even more recently, they've synthesized MOF-14, which embodies an intertwined metal-organic framework with extremely large, unclogged pores, says Yaghi.
Whatever you do, keep those gutteral pouches unclogged.