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1. not coded or encoded
2. not marked with a code such as a serial code
3. not subject to or governed by a code or set of rules


(ʌnˈkoʊ dɪd)

1. not coded or encoded.
2. (of mail) addressed without a zip code.
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Trump draws in this latter group in coded and uncoded public statements: about fine people among white supremacists, the patriotic Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, those unpatriotic (black) professional football players, the biased Mexican judge, the ingrates in Puerto Rico.
develop new reports enabling the coding department to track uncoded records due to missing documentation;
By using two systems such as uncoded system and coded system, while in uncoded system by optimizing the transmission time and modulation parameters.
As Coviello observes in defense of his approach, "it is by dwelling with texture, rhythm and pulse, accretion and dispersal--the specific atmospheres of a given work's language, which come clearest in long exposure--that we can best begin to articulate those more errant, more uncoded stories of sexual possibility" (19).
Consider an uncoded OFDM system with N subcarriers and [N.
By using 48 data subcarriers, uncoded data rates of 12 to 72 Mbps can be achieved by using variable modulation types from BPSK to 64-QAM.
Salehi, "Performance analysis of time-hopping spread-spectrum multiple-access systems: uncoded and coded schemes," IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Vol.
The IMBU shall be implemented as a flexible system that can be easily reconfigured for testing the ground station to spacecraft communications interfacing at different levels (IF subcarrier baseband data uncoded data a A*).
a] of a priori input for uncoded information x [member of] {+1,-1} is modelled as
It can inspect for skewed caps, missing caps/foil liners, down bottles, miss-oriented bottles, uncoded, miss-coded containers and more.