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Adj.1.uncombable - not capable of being combeduncombable - not capable of being combed    
uncombed - (of hair) not combed; "he was unwashed and uncombed with his clothes half buttoned"; "wild unkempt hair"
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"The different properties of hair among persons of African ancestry and those of European ancestry may explain, in part, the different clinical consequences of PADI3 mutations in CCCA and in the uncombable hair syndrome," they wrote.
Wynter Seymour has uncombable hair syndrome, which is thought to affect just 100 people worldwide and is believed to have counted Albert Einstein as a sufferer.
Eighteen-month-old Taylor McGowan has been inflicted by a rare condition called Uncombable Hair Syndrome that was previously diagnosed in only 100 people worldwide till date.
THESE adorable twins certainly have a wild lock about them Nine-year-old Agnetha and Anja Norendal have a rare condition called uncombable hair syndrome, which results in a permanent frizz.
Scientists have untangled the genetic roots of the rare condition, known as "uncombable hair syndrome".
As far as hair, biotin was found to be effective in controlling unruly hair in toddlers with inherited "uncombable hair syndrome." (10) Although hair loss is a symptom of severe biotin deficiency, studies have not confirmed high-dose supplementation for this condition.
Straight hair or uncombable hair was seen in 7 (4.66%) patients (FIG 8), where hair became thick, coarse and could not be combed properly.
De Panfilis, "Familial uncombable hair syndrome: ultrastructural hair study and response to biotin," Pediatric Dermatology, vol.
UNCOMBABLE HAIR SYNDROME This is another illness which sounds like a childhood excuse, but is a genuine medical phenomenon.
My hair was a dust-caked uncombable mass, I stank, and my clothes reeked of sulfur.
Uitto also noted that uncombable hair syndrome, a rare disorder not associated with alopecia or scarring, also has been associated with mutations in PAD 13.