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Adj.1.uncombined - not joined or united into oneuncombined - not joined or united into one  
combined - made or joined or united into one
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Iodine does not occur uncombined in nature, but it is widely distributed in the form of iodides and iodites, mainly sodium and potassium, in seawater, some seaweeds and various minerals.
such components are uncombined in whole or in part, in such manner as to
This free, uncombined MAPP can work also as a plasticizer and decrease mechanical properties of the WPCs.
earths, phosphorous, sulphur, when in its pure state and uncombined with
Pedra-2, Santa Adelia, Reg Instan, and, most notably, Catanduva-1 are the strains most often employed (whether uncombined or in consortium) for ethanol generation in plants located in the south of Sao Paulo state [6].
The resulted hydrogel combining both crosslink agents has an intermediate glass transition temperature, relative short deformation with high recovery, and unreacted carboxylic functional groups that improved stimuli-responsive properties in comparison with hydrogels with uncombined crosslinking agents.
Nanomaterials, either as uncombined or as combination with biologically active substances, are attaining ever-increasing awareness because of their capability to deliver a suitable platform for developing high-performance biosensors, which is due to their distinctive features [23].
This study evaluated the safety and effect of a single subconjunctival injection of BVZ combined with 5-Fu or MMC on the antiscarring effect of GFS and compared them with the use of uncombined agents in in vitro and animal experiments.
Uncombined silver was removed with 5% sodium thiosulfate for 5 min and stained with nuclear fast red for 3 min after washing with phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) 3 times.
The idea that people can have simultaneous contradictory desires (uncombined into some vector sum) offends the sensibilities of those who want people to be nice, neat, simple, predictable, rational choosers.
If they remain uncombined or are combined to form something else, the emergent properties will not be those of a laser pointer: "Properties are not free-floating phenomena; they always occur as the effects of a particular configuration of lower-level parts" (Elder-Vass 2005:319).