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Adj.1.uncombined - not joined or united into oneuncombined - not joined or united into one  
combined - made or joined or united into one
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Whoever without authority supplies or causes to be supplied in or from the United States all or a substantial portion of the components of a patented invention, where such components are uncombined in whole or in part, in such manner as to actively induce the combination of such components outside of the United States in a manner that would infringe the patent if such combination occurred within the United States, shall be liable as an infringer.
Chemically, it is red sulfide of mercury and gold in an uncombined form.
Two uncombined prewar apartments offering chance to create duplex home.
Radon is gaseous in its uncombined form, and it is a natural radioactive, colorless, odorless, and tasteless inert gas.
AWWA Standard C400-64 included silica as a constituent and described a test method for determining uncombined calcium hydroxide (free lime) content.
Finally, cluster 3 is characterized by a medium main effect for advantages and a medium effect for disadvantages when one takes into account the uncombined level, however, when the 3x4 subdesign is analysed, the main effect of disadvantages disappears (these results are not presented for conciseness).
The antibody-antigen reaction; an hypothesis to account for the presence of uncombined antigenic sites in the presence of excess antibody.
The uncombined labeled enzyme is washed from the well and a substrate is added.
collects and discharges untreated stormwater from the uncombined parts
Categorizations such as {P} and {P;N} are distinguished by combinations of primary features: the representation for may is simple, involving uncombined presence of the predicational feature, P; that for leave includes also the referential feature N, in recognition of its denotational capacity.
See NAPCA, CONTROL TECHNIQUES FOR PARTICULATES, supra note 107, at 2 (defining particulate matter as "any material, except uncombined water, that exists as a solid or liquid in the atmosphere or in a gas stream at standard conditions").
Upon this gifted age, in its dark hour Rains from the sky a meteoric shower Of facts, they lie unquestioned, uncombined.