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1. Not engaged in or involving trade or commerce.
2. Not in accord with the spirit or methods of commerce.
3. Uneconomical.
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1. (Commerce) not concerned with commerce or trade
2. (Commerce) not in accordance with the aims or principles of business or trade
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(ˌʌn kəˈmɜr ʃəl)

1. not engaged in or involved with commerce or trade.
2. not producing or likely to produce a profit: an artistic but uncommercial film.
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Adj.1.uncommercial - not conducive to commercial success; "might prove arty and hence uncommercial"- H.E.Clurman
noncommercial - not connected with or engaged in commercial enterprises
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To those who do not view the question through the medium of passion or of interest, the desire of the commercial States to collect, in any form, an indirect revenue from their uncommercial neighbors, must appear not less impolitic than it is unfair; since it would stimulate the injured party, by resentment as well as interest, to resort to less convenient channels for their foreign trade.
Eliza ended by acquiring an extremely uncommercial script which was a positive extension of her personal beauty, and spending three times as much on stationery as anyone else because certain qualities and shapes of paper became indispensable to her.
In 2017, Equinor's Gemini Nord well resulted in a very small, uncommercial oil discovery in a reservoir channel system within the PL855 licence.
However, Qantas -- which has a formal partnership with UAE airline Emirates -- has been lobbying against any Qatari expansion in Australia, claiming the airline is "dumping capacity, being uncommercial and uncompetitive" -- a potentially questionable accusation, given Qantas has not lobbied against the other Gulf carriers Emirates and Etihad Airways, who have a wider presence in the Australian market.
Dickens researched his novel The Uncommercial Traveller at the Campbell Square venue, so owners Gracious Development Company were keen to pay tribute with their latest venture.
"It's wilfully uncommercial but this surreal, bizarrely seductive album is a showcase for Alex Turner's astonishing lyrical talent," read a review in The Times, referring to the group's frontman who swapped the guitar for a piano on the LP.
Following smash albums After The Gold Rush and Harvest, the studio recording of what may be Mr Young's greatest album was considered so uncommercial it remained unreleased for 18 months after this 1973 live premiere.
Set in glorious parkland and featuring some quirky architecture, it's a relatively uncommercial theme park with an emphasis on 3D and 4D immersive attractions rather than roller-coasters or traditional rides.
Of the supposed obsolete buildings, using "vast" sums, I suggest there has been a number of derelict and uncommercial properties demolished at Whitley Bay's seafront in particular.
Their understanding of the energy dilemma this country faces, which is making much of our industry uncommercial and environmentally unsustainable, means we see the market need and opportunity in the same way.
Cars seems to bring out the worst in the Disney-owned Pixar, exposing it as a corporate titan which, despite the defiantly uncommercial likes of WALL-E and Ratatouille , cares about 'the numbers' above all else.
Buyers were griping that the movies being screened at this year's gathering were aggressively uncommercial and that agents were pushing for wide releases and big paydays for films that will appeal only to small audiences.