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Adj.1.uncommercialised - not having been commercialized
noncommercial - not connected with or engaged in commercial enterprises
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To see District Unknown in action is to witness a kind of alternate history of rock and metal: uncoopted by MTV, uncommercialised, forbidden by the authorities, driven underground and even dissociated from teen rebellion.
Quiet and uncommercialised (no nightclubs, no loud music), it has the innocence and unassuming charm of a bygone era.
"I thinK Frinton is the town where they don't liKe change?" said my friend helpfully, as we note the only sign on this uncommercialised Victorian seafront is for the public loo.
If it was, its uncommercialised allure wouldn't exist.
This largely uncommercialised island has some superb beaches and interesting towns.
Portuguese and Spanish head for the magnificent islands of Fuseta and Armona, where in summer river taxis chug you to the clean and uncommercialised beaches.
Reach out a hand in friendship to uncommercialised peoples in natural surrounding such as the tropical regions of Amazonia, which stretch across Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.
That is why I chose to live in the Green Lane area which is still relatively quiet and uncommercialised.
I have just returned from living on the Greek island of Corfu where Christmas is still a fairly uncommercialised, family-oriented affair.
The livestock subsector is less important than the crop subsector and remains largely uncommercialised. Many questions about performance and potential face the subsector (such as a possible tradeoff between the growth of crops and livestock) and further analysis is needed before sound policy recommendations can be made regarding its commercialisation.
For people seeking a quiet relaxing holiday, Gharbi and Chergu are the two main resorts on the uncommercialised Kerkennah Isles with white sands and palm trees overlooking blue seas to the mainland.