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Adj.1.uncommercialized - not having been commercialized
noncommercial - not connected with or engaged in commercial enterprises
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You get to see the uncommercialized side of the island when you're riding.
This intentional and uncommercialized approach is allowing a generation of creative and artistic individuals to boldly express themselves.
Pediatric device submissions are exempt from the fees, as are uncommercialized state- or federal government-driven innovations.
The standard narrative of the development of the Elizabethan theater has rightly emphasized the importance of the Theatre and other playhouses that opened in the mid-1570s, but it has also given the false impression that those playhouses represent the beginning of Elizabethan theater, before which there was only uncommercialized, quasi-medieval theatrical activity.
Referring to our SRAC definition, we consider all activities of collaborative consumption that serve as alternatives to ownership as independently commercialized or as an uncommercialized form of pooling and allocating resources.
Charles Tilly, describing Petrine Russia, argues, "As the Russian state began seriously to engage in war with its heavily armed western neighbors, the effort to extract essential revenues from an uncommercialized economy multiplied the state structure." (109) However, as empirical research shows, the reality of the Petrine state did not correspond to Tilly's scheme.
According to the KSTE, such protected but undercommercialized or uncommercialized knowledge can embed entrepreneurial opportunities.
Even sections on well-documented attractions, such as the booming wine industry, include lesser-known or uncommercialized options in addition to well-known sites.
Others see this as creating radical democratic spaces where residents from all walks of life can demand uncommercialized spaces in the city, thereby challenging what is perceived as the homogeneity reproduced by corporatized planning (Klein, 2000: 313).
In life, Yauch was fiercely concerned with keeping the Beastie Boys image uncommercialized. He once rapped, "I won't sell my soul for no TV ad," and, true to the spirit of the song, the Beastie Boys have kept a tight rein on their work.
the respondents were uncommercialized. (20) Nonetheless, these companies
uncommercialized patents); Video: Patents as Options (Frank Partnoy