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adj. un·com·mon·er, un·com·mon·est
1. Not common; rare.
2. Wonderful; remarkable.

un·com′mon·ly adv.
un·com′mon·ness n.
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Noun1.uncommonness - extraordinariness as a consequence of being marked by an uncommon or superlative quality
extraordinariness - the quality of being extraordinary and not commonly encountered
2.uncommonness - extraordinariness as a consequence of being rare and seldom encountereduncommonness - extraordinariness as a consequence of being rare and seldom encountered
extraordinariness - the quality of being extraordinary and not commonly encountered
unusualness - uncommonness by virtue of being unusual
commonplaceness, everydayness, commonness - ordinariness as a consequence of being frequent and commonplace
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Among the possible muscular variations of the axillary region, the dorsoepicondylar medial muscle stands out because of its uncommonness, having been reported less than 30 times in the last 200 years (Loukas & Tubbs, 2009).
* Originality ("degree of the product's usefulness, uncommonness, or statistical infrequency"),
"inability to eliminate that risk," the uncommonness of the
In Thailand, studies on AP are very scarce despite the importance of the disease [5-8]; this lack of data is partly due to the uncommonness of AP.
Most speakers of English will have (33a) stored in their lexicon, as can be shown quite easily by the uncommonness of the expression with the two nouns in reverse order.
In our opinion, the 'uncommonness' that is often ascribed to such cases refers to their clandestinity, i.e, to the rareness with which they come to the attention of medical practitioners, sexologists, rather than to the low frequency of AEA [autoerotic asphyxiation] itself.
(13) The uncommonness of this type of inquiry is also noticeable in a field typically dedicated to normative studies: constitutional theory.
Many scholars have considered originality to be the expression of novelty, uncommonness, and surprise (Barron, 1955; Sternberg, 1999), and usefulness to be that of appropriateness, effectiveness, utility, adaptation, value, and flexibility (Barron, 1988; Hutchinson, 1931; Stein, 1953).
His toad skin may symbolize his past, including his mysterious birth that may be related to his divinity and uncommonness, as well as his ugliness that brings shame to his family.
Because of its uncommonness, the applicant argued that that the public will more likely appreciate it as a double entendre and pun than if pregnancy text was a common expression that the public is accustomed to perceiving.
In our study it was not seen suggesting its uncommonness. [8]