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[10] This difference might be because of the shorter duration of study which is uncomparable with other vaccine surveillances conducted usually for a lengthier period at least for a time period of 6 months.
These historical programs differ markedly from contemporary preschools in ways that make them uncomparable to current and proposed "high-quality" preschool programs.
Thus, the PCR has a great role in the confirmation of mixed infection and might be an important factor for differences in results of various studies from different parts of the world and thereby making them uncomparable. Accurate identification of the malaria parasite species is important not only for successful treatment, but also to design and develop effective malaria control measures and accurate malaria-epidemiological monitoring.
1952 Nat King Cole - Unforgettable THIS romantic favourite was written by Irving Gordon, with the original working title was Uncomparable.
It is also true that wired communication systems cannot be done away with as it has high bandwidth and uncomparable reliability.
However, the objective of our study was to avoid spinal or general anaesthesia wiht acceptable VAS score, and the two groups would have been uncomparable.
Both elements are subjects of interest to an out-of-sample evaluation, and also make the results uncomparable between the different kinds of data.