Not equipped with or using computers.


(ˌʌnkəmˈpjuːtəˌraɪzd) or


(Computer Science) not computerized; not equipped with, involving, or making use of computers
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Also, Bell's (1993) version of the uncomputerized SMG was primarily designed for investment analysis, as stated by the author.
And two months ago, it launched Microsoft Point of Sale, meant for the smallest of the small, single-store operations, often with just one check-out lane, which had previously been using an uncomputerized cash register.
Ticketing outside major urban areas remains largely uncomputerized and final tallies may not be available until March.
The rest of the country is still relatively uncomputerized," McConnell said.
To make this possible, some vendors have had to translate their CD titles into English and some uncomputerized Latin vendors fill out forms provided by Virgin that facilitate data entry.
Yet, serious problems are evident (Olowu, 1992): property valuation lists are scandalously incorrect and inadequate (not having been updated since 1963, thus keeping off the tax rolls many industries); rates are increasingly uncollected and in arrears; revenue courts are useless; rate clerks and collectors are inefficient and corrupt; and the handling of documents and information, cumbersome and uncomputerized.
When search-and-group analysis yields a definite insight, or information that an uncomputerized reader could not have known, it tends to be successful.
It's surprising, therefore, that a profession so ideally suited to the use of a computer remains relatively uncomputerized.