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1. Not compatible or sympathetic, as in character.
2. Not appropriate; unsuitable.
3. Not pleasing; disagreeable.

un′con·ge′ni·al′ity (-jē′nē-ăl′ĭ-tē) n.


the condition of being uncongenial
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Noun1.uncongeniality - a disposition not to be congenialuncongeniality - a disposition not to be congenial  
unfriendliness - an unfriendly disposition
congeniality - a congenial disposition
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Second, the imputer and analyst differed, which could result in uncongeniality and biased multiple imputation analyses (Meng 1994).
Naturally there was Purcell, standing head and shoulders above all his contemporaries, but John Blow came pretty close, and it was good to hear examples of works by some minor figures of the period, such as John Weldon (a name new to me), whose lovely "Dry those eyes", for all its vocal uncongeniality, was beautifully sung by the soprano Evelyn Tubb.
The institution of monarchy has temperamentally displayed its uncongeniality with the democratic process by exploiting the tensions persisting between the political leaderships conducive to its emergence as a critical central authority even at the cost of suspending the existing political order.