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Not adhering to convention; out of the ordinary.

un′con·ven′tion·al′i·ty (-shə-năl′ĭ-tē) n.
un′con·ven′tion·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.unconventionally - in an unconventional mannerunconventionally - in an unconventional manner; "she always behaves rather unconventionally"
conventionally - in a conventional manner; "he usually behaves rather conventionally"
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Browning's favorite heroes and heroines, it should be added, are men and women much like himself, of strong will and decisive power of action, able to take the lead vigorously and unconventionally and to play controlling parts in the drama of life.
When they performed in Dubai in 2013, they unconventionally opened with their biggest global hit, 'Mr Brightside'.
This capacity allows us to use unconventionally large nozzles to produce nanofibers.
The city is filled with artsy corners murals, unconventionally designed landmarks and cafes.
Quickly recognising his sides slow start an early time-out was unconventionally called by Blaze head coach Danny Stewart.
Alsultan's art presentation was an unconventionally honest wedding-themed slideshow.
The one paragraph on the abolition of slavery unconventionally gives more credit to the National Convention for abolishing slavery than the slave rebellion that had already forced effective abolition in the colonies (105).
Similar problems bring both countries closer Turkey's foreign minister was in town for an unconventionally long five-day visit meeting with the top officials in the PTI government, the military and even called on former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to offer condolences on the passing of his wife.
But what's conventional has not necessarily been reality during what has turned out to be an unconventionally competitive fall camp.
We must brace ourselves for future economic and monetary implications in satisfying short and long-term political interests at the Central Bank albeit unconventionally.
A massive operation was reported in the Birmingham Mail under the headline: "Fighting Unconventionally, Men of Brum".