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v. un·cou·pled, un·cou·pling, un·cou·ples
1. To disconnect: uncouple railroad cars.
2. To set loose or release from a couple.
To come or break loose.

un·cou′pler n.
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Adj.1.uncoupled - having the coupling undoneuncoupled - having the coupling undone; "the uncoupled caboose rolled down the incline"
unconnected - not joined or linked together
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He was challenged with finding a solution to prevent lorries becoming detached or 'uncoupled' from their trailers.
Key statement: The invention relates to a tire comprising a crown reinforcement formed of at least two working crown layers of reinforcing elements, the ends of which are radially uncoupled by a polymer compound.
SARAH Silverman has announced that she and Hollywood star Michael Sheen have split up after four years of dating, joking that they had "consciously uncoupled".
In this research, the following topics are discussed by the methods of theoretical research and numerical simulation: (a) the influence of the pitch of holes on the crack propagation law, (b) the influence of the adjacent empty hole diameter on the crack propagation law, and (c) the effect of uncoupled medium on blasting load acting on blasting hole wall.
Days later, a train uncoupled while on its way to Ayala station.
Mukai and Okuno [3] verified that ATP levels and flagellar beating remained constant when the mitochondria of mouse sperm was uncoupled concurrently with glycolysis stimulation.
First, she consciously uncoupled from Chris Martin - now Gwyneth Paltrow is consciously uncoupling from her lifestyle website, Goop.
CHRIS Martin has described his relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow as a "very wonderful separationdivorce" after the pair "consciously uncoupled" in April last year.
Bajolock can then be uncoupled easily and safely with a simple twist.
uncoupled Gwyneth and Chris looked happy at a gala dinner in January
"I do not care whether they are consciously coupled, uncoupled, de-coupled or re-coupled, or even unconsciously or subconsciously any or all of the above" - Former Tory minister Ann Widdecombe, who is "fed up to the back teeth" hearing about the mixed-up love-life of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.