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v. un·cou·pled, un·cou·pling, un·cou·ples
1. To disconnect: uncouple railroad cars.
2. To set loose or release from a couple.
To come or break loose.

un·cou′pler n.
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The act or process of detaching:
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Some were uncoupling the dogs, whose hoarse, savage bay added not a little to the animation of the scene.
The gene, described in the March Nature Genetics, encodes a molecule that researchers have dubbed uncoupling protein 2, or UCP2.
Tenders are invited for Uncoupling Arrangement Kit Consisting Of 20 Items- 1 Lever Coupler Release Emd.
DHE Staining for eNOS Uncoupling. For identifying eNOS as a source of superoxide, aortic rings were incubated in L-NAME (500 [micro]M) for 30 mins at 37[degrees]C before freezing for cryosectioning as previously described [21].
Following Paltrow's announcement of her "conscious uncoupling" from her husband - Coldplay frontman Chris Martin - last week, speculation has mounted that her romance with Leitch, 46, is back on.
Washington, Mar.28 ( ANI ): Cameron Diaz has praised the "conscious uncoupling" decision of her friends Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin and said that she was proud of them.
The common repairs with the uncoupling of coaches (OV);
The early stage of heart failure in obesity is characterized by an overexpression of UCP2 or UCP3 in response to increased FFA and mitochondrial ROS generation and induced mild uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation without affecting ATP level [3].
Meanwhile, the actress, who went through a "consciously uncoupling" from Coldplay's Chris Martin in 2014, admits she was "terrified" at marrying writer Brad Falchuk.
Uncoupling protein 3 gene (UCP3) was reported to wield a significant influence on fat deposition in pigs, which is an important factor affecting meat quality, especially influencing the juiciness, tenderness, and color of pork [2-4].