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It was in the year after that of my novitiate, a halcyon period at the Albany, when Raffles left no crib uncracked, and I played second-murderer every time.
ye three unsurrendered spires of mine; thou uncracked keel; and only god-bullied hull; thou firm deck, and haughty helm, and Pole-pointed prow, --death-glorious ship
c], the constant of proportionality in this case being a function of the ratios of the elastic constants in the cracked and uncracked material, and hence [K.
It is recommended that States using this technique construct an uncracked control section with the same overlay thickness to verify that the procedures used are extending service life cost effectively.
They will be with inclination of about 45[degrees], because between compression and tension from bending we have only shear stresses in the uncracked concrete, and after cracking we will have an inclined concrete strut with the inclination of 45[degrees].
The brittle crack at higher crack depth transforms into a ductile crack eventually leading to ultimate rupture by tear growth in the uncracked ligament.
I bet theres a bad guy in there," he says, gesturing at one of the uncracked eggs.
I bet there's a bad guy in there," he says, gesturing at one of the uncracked eggs.
Eggs: the uncracked potential for improving maternal and young child nutrition among the world's poor.