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Adj.1.uncreased - used especially of fabricsuncreased - used especially of fabrics; "uncreased trousers"
smooth - having a surface free from roughness or bumps or ridges or irregularities; "smooth skin"; "a smooth tabletop"; "smooth fabric"; "a smooth road"; "water as smooth as a mirror"
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As it was, he made a fight of three days, and the Surgeon-Major's brow uncreased. "We'll save him yet," he said; and the Surgeon, who, though he ranked with the Captain, had a very youthful heart, went out upon the word and pranced joyously in the mud.
He did run into a problem tonight as his shirt was wet, but it looked remarkably uncreased considering he doesn't have access to an iron.
Carney claims we can put the new banknotes through the mill but in our test, which involved screwing up an old and new fiver to the size of an egg, neither emerged uncreased, although the plastic version did seem to bounce back a bit quicker.
The sheets on my father's side are smooth and uncreased, his familiar scent of soil and Dove soap already fading from the pillows.
A team from the Institute of Neuroscience at Newcastle University tested the usefulness of wrinkling by volunteers handling wet objects with creased and uncreased fingers.
However, if the noise is coming from uncreased flat sheet metal installed between two floor joists, you can crease it yourself.
Curtis Stopped on a stepping stone A feather caught by water-withered leaves Staring down into the turquoise bowl of the sky Waiting for a cloud to greet the ground A cupped hand, uncreased and categorised Carved on the day's silver surface Wrapped in a tissue paper twist A hidden face crossed by thought and thunder Ready to be sown into the treeless earth * Matthew Clubb (translation of Gruffudd Antur's original work) * Treasure - Maerdy Women's Support Group (photo) Their ocean of spirit is timeless; But this surge through the street, A battle now obsolete, The tide's turned, the time's gone.
Indeed, it might not be Sterne's morals as much as his daring approach to novelistic convention that shocks the less open, uncreased mind.
At monumental size, his oils posit their subjects as gods and princes, draped in logo-rich hoodies, dripping with bling and crowned with perfectly uncreased baseball caps, back-dropped by floral and geometric motifs that swirl across their bodies and suture them into the viscous handmade surface of the painting.
Ex-Shelley High School pupil Adam Gray has created the 'Suit walker' - a rucksack specially designed to keep office wear uncreased while commuters carry it to work.