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When uncultured minds, confined to a narrow range of personal experience, are under the pressure of continued misfortune, their inward life is apt to become a perpetually repeated round of sad and bitter thoughts; the same words, the same scenes, are revolved over and over again, the same mood accompanies them; the end of the year finds them as much what they were at the beginning as if they were machines set to a recurrent series of movements.
What mind, that is not wholly barbarous and uncultured, can find pleasure in reading of how a great tower full of knights sails away across the sea like a ship with a fair wind, and will be to-night in Lombardy and to-morrow morning in the land of Prester John of the Indies, or some other that Ptolemy never described nor Marco Polo saw?
It is, in fact, a caricature of the boasted romance of feudal times; chivalry in its native and uncultured state, and knight-errantry run wild.
I did not wish to admit to myself that I was angry with this uncultured little savage, that it made the slightest difference to me what she did or what she did not do, or that I could so lower myself as to feel personal enmity towards a common sailor.
By the painful gropings of the untutored mind, by the feeble stammerings of the uncultured voice!
The man beside her emitted an unearthly and uncultured yell and rose to his feet.
The Chronicle finds the action of the Minister very offensive, uncultured and an affront to journalism, if the narration we have holds.
I'm so happy that they'll get married and prefer halal over haram but how the proposal ended wasn't appropriate as the act was utterly uncultured.'
As a society, we need to examine the role we play in elevating uncultured individuals to power.
Summary: Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], May 14 (ANI): Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Tuesday termed former Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar's 'Neech Aadmi' (low man) remark against Prime Minister Narendra Modi as uncultured.
For example, she discusses the original Lone Ranger and the stereotype of the Native American, Tonto, with uncultured mannerisms.
Calling Hindus 'urine drinkers' and 'idol worshipers' is highly condemnable, and coming from man who is supposed to the minister of culture in Punjab, it is highly uncultured. Perhaps Mr Chohan has forgotten that there are over 4 million Hindus in Pakistan who consider themselves proud Pakistanis, not to mention that there are several Hindu Members of Parliament is his party.