1. Physics Not tending toward a state of rest; not damped. Used of oscillations.
2. Not stifled or discouraged; unchecked: undamped ardor.


1. (General Physics) (of an oscillating system) having unrestricted motion; not damped
2. not repressed, discouraged, or subdued; undiminished



1. not damped or dampened; undiminished: undamped spirits.
2. (of an oscillation) having constant or increasing amplitude.


[ˈʌnˈdæmpt] ADJ [enthusiasm, courage] → no disminuido
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<<Bulat>> T-64BM tank gun 2A46-2 barrel undamped oscillations frequency experimentally determined and is equal 10.14 Hz [8], which holds back the improve by the tank tower and gun guidance and stabilization systems accuracy.
Boundary feedback stabilization of the undamped Euler-Bernoulli beam with both ends free.
The integrated measurement and cleaning process ensures that the workpiece is quality-controlled prior to being undamped.
But can he fix it under a president who seems to like the chaos -- whose operating style is undamped oscillation?
Note that the curvature condition [[[s.sup.(k)]].sup.T][y.sup.(k)] > 0, which ensures the positive definiteness of [B.sup.(k)] in the undamped BFGS method for unconstrained optimization, is not guaranteed in this case.
Two boards of each thickness were left undamped. A PID was epoxy-mounted at the center of the other boards.
The role of the leaky factor is to prevent the adaptive filters from having one or more modes that are undriven and undamped. This usually happens when there is no energy in the subband, i.e., the autocorrelation has zero eigenvalues.
For both cases, an undamped model is considered, as are two additional models with different damping ratios assigned to the material, i.e., damping ratio A ([[zeta].sub.A]) for values of [alpha] = 10 and [beta] = 0,0001, and damping ratio B ([[zeta].sub.B]) for [alpha] = 20 and [beta] = 0,0002.
In this paper, the Equivalent Linearization Method with a weighted averaging continues to be applied to analyze five undamped nonlinear oscillators: the Duffing oscillator with cubic nonlinearity (Example 1); the motion of simple pendulum attached to a rotating rigid frame (Example 2); the motion of a mass attached to the center of a stretched elastic wire (Example 3); the Duffing oscillator with discontinuity (Example 4); and the nonlinear oscillator with fractional elastic force (Example 5).
In addition, on the basis of structural dynamics theory, the equation of motion of graphyne for the free vibration of an undamped structure is expressed as