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 (ŭn-dôn′tĭd, -dän′-)
Not discouraged or disheartened; resolutely courageous. See Synonyms at brave.

un·daunt′ed·ly adv.
un·daunt′ed·ness n.
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Men responsive to the insistent call of sexual pleasure, beset by shameful desires and the undauntedness of obsessive lusts, beguiled even by the lure of the taboo - over the decades, I have imagined a small coterie of unsettled men possessed by just such inflammatory forces they must negotiate and contend with.
At the time of war, a leader who was featured with courage and undauntedness was in charge and enjoyed wide powers ended with the end of the war.
Sociologist Schmidt presents the drawback of the JW's undauntedness by describing the social isolation of many youthful members.