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No longer living but supernaturally animated, as a zombie.
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(European Myth & Legend)
a. (of a fictional being, such as a vampire) technically dead but reanimated
b. (as collective noun; preceded by the): the undead.
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1. no longer alive but animated by a supernatural force, as a vampire or zombie.
2. (used with a pl. v.) undead beings collectively (usu. prec. by the).
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n the undead pldie Untoten pl
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References in classic literature ?
In trance she dies, and in trance she is UnDead, too.
I was, in fact, beginning to shudder at the presence of this being, this UnDead, as Van Helsing called it, and to loathe it.
And he will sometimes think that she he loved was buried alive, and that will paint his dreams with horrors of what she must have suffered, and again, he will think that we may be right, and that his so beloved was, after all, an UnDead. No!
It pleases me that the UnDead, Miss Lucy, shall not leave tonight, that so on the morrow night she may be more eager.
.Take the papers that are with this, the diaries of Harker and the rest, and read them, and then find this great UnDead, and cut off his head and burn his heart or drive a stake through it, so that the world may rest from him.
I go no further than to say that she might be UnDead."
I gave her my nights and days, before death, after death, and if my death can do her good even now, when she is the dead UnDead, she shall have it freely." He said this with a very grave, sweet pride, and Arthur was much affected by it.
'Thrones' fans have grown accustomed to their favorite characters being felled, so it was a surprise-and for some, a disappointment-that majority of characters survived the Battle of Winterfell, which was supposed to be a high-stakes face-off with the undead.
But once you know it's a four-player online zombie slaughter-fest, you understand the real inspiration was Left 4 Dead - the relatively ancient but still fabulous team-based undead shooter.
Undead Apocalypse: Vampires and Zombies in the Twenty-first Century.
The game takes players on a journey through a haunted tower in the heart of a fallen kingdom, where they must solve challenging riddles and puzzles, uncover the history of the Tower, and face the undead.
Summary: The trailer ends with the faceoff between the Night King's undead army and the living