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tr.v. un·de·ceived, un·de·ceiv·ing, un·de·ceives
To free from illusion or deception.

un′de·ceiv′a·ble adj.
un′de·ceiv′a·bly adv.
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Adj.1.undeceived - freed of a mistaken or misguided notionundeceived - freed of a mistaken or misguided notion; "some people are still not disabused of the old idea that the universe revolves around the Earth"
disenchanted - freed from enchantment
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My companion and I being undeceived by this terrible relation, thought it would be the highest imprudence to expose ourselves both together to a death almost certain and unprofitable, and agreed that I should go with our Abyssin and a Portuguese to observe the country; that if I should prove so happy as to escape being killed by the inhabitants, and to discover a way, I should either return, or send back the Abyssin or Portuguese.
But if Anne ever hoped that she was forgetting Owen Ford she would have been undeceived by the furtive hunger in Leslie's eyes whenever his name was mentioned.
Her dress, which was that of the women of Epirus, consisted of a pair of white satin trousers, embroidered with pink roses, displaying feet so exquisitely formed and so delicately fair, that they might well have been taken for Parian marble, had not the eye been undeceived by their movements as they constantly shifted in and out of a pair of little slippers with upturned toes, beautifully ornamented with gold and pearls.
'I will not say, Louisa, that if you had by any happy chance undeceived me some time ago, it would have been better for us both; better for your peace, and better for mine.
Already I am undeceived. You are to me the loveliest woman in the world.
These false informations, which I afterwards came to the knowledge of by an accident not proper to mention, made the treasurer show his lady for some time an ill countenance, and me a worse; and although he was at last undeceived and reconciled to her, yet I lost all credit with him, and found my interest decline very fast with the emperor himself, who was, indeed, too much governed by that favourite.
Three centuries ago, Jonathan Swift anticipated our post-truth world when he said: "Falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after it, so that when men come to be undeceived, it is too late."
Huxley's typically clear-eyed and undeceived warning that evolution "is incompetent to furnish any better reason why what we call good is preferable to what we call evil than we had before."
India, however, was soon undeceived of its delusions over Kashmir's political yearning.
The undeceived subsample consisted of a convenient sample of 25 siblings of the twins (76% female; 20.5 years) who agreed to participate (Table 1).
Dear Au: I received your poem; there was just the poem, you said nothing more: "I'd say nothing for nothing's always a threshold, a lonely palace, a ribbon that ties the flesh, the burning silent flesh yet untouched, undeceived, whispered by the darkest mouths.
undeceived. The deceiver is more just because he has fulfilled his