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What is truly unfortunate is that to this day, their script remains undeciphered, and it is unlikely that a Rosetta stone will be stumbled upon, unlocking this great mystery.
Reconstructing Late Minoan IB Political Geography through Undeciphered Documents.
We try to read the smoke, but it disappears undeciphered.
This lack of a stratigraphic signal is hardly surprising, and it does not contradict the phylogenetic scheme, given the small number of Albian-Cenomanian mesofossil localities, the lack of studied pre-Albian mesofossils, and the diversity of pollen of the Clavatipollenites and Retimonocolpites types in the Hauterivian, Barremian, and Aptian (e.g., Hughes, 1994), some of which could represent an undeciphered record of earlier events in this line.
remain undeciphered and might not even represent true writing.
The intricate carvings on the engraved kerbstones are as yet undeciphered, and though the purpose of the moment is still unknown, it was built in alignment with the winter solstice.
The latter is a silver strip with still undeciphered writing similar to a Javanese script of the 12th to 15th centuries that was found in a Butuan (Mindanao) excavation.
Their geometry is surreal, like spelling a message in runes, an undeciphered script in quartz.
'Chaos is order yet undeciphered," says the film's epigraph - but the plot doesn't become much clearer by the end.
Auster comments on this quality, "Each poetic utterance is an emanation of the eye, a transcription of the visible into the brute, undeciphered code of being" (AH, 35).