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YESTERDAY'S SOLUTION: deer; dene; deny; doer; done; donee; dory; dour; doyen; dree; drey; drone; dune; durn; dyer; dyne; endue; endure; enduro; enjoyed; enured; erode; eyed; JOURNEYED; judo; need; needy; nerd; nerdy; node; nude; rede; redo; redone; reed; reedy; rend; rode; ronde; round; rude; rued; udon; undee; under; undo; yonder.
The Dee were promoted only because of Rangers' demotion into Division Threeandtheyhaven'thad timetoprepareproperlyfor recommendedbet: Stake12pts onD undee Utd tow int o nil.
DS UNDEE have vowed to launch another appeal after the Scottish Football League upheld their 25-point deduction for going into administration.
Last season: Last season: Ross County 3, Ross County 3, Dundee Utd 0; undee Utd 0; Dundee undee Utd, 1 Ross County 0; Ross County 2,Dundee Utd 4.
We were disappointed to hear undee won but there is still a long way to go.
We were wa coming but bec couldn't cope w into an akinetic where his body Michael was hospital but tra specialist in Du Maria added: unconscious sta aiting on a new one cause his body without it, he went c (rigid) state y just shut down." taken to a local ansferred to see a undee.
ir sacked by Maritimo in er L pressed by the young ng undee youngsters would get nce He was impressed players coming through at old club Well and Dundee United but thinks more their big chance with the Old Firm if Colt teams were introduced.