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Adj.1.undelineated - not represented accurately or precisely
delineate, delineated, represented - represented accurately or precisely
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Much of the border that remains undelineated rests between Tajikistan's Sughd province and Kyrgyzstan's Batken province.
As soon as the Turkish drillship Fatih was put in place, the government formally filed the very next day the coordinates for the northern (undelineated) part of itsEEZ, something it had not done previously.
Renoir's women are partly naked, full bodied and sensual; Matisse's sticklike figures, with their undelineated features, are covered in color.
The border with Syria from Arida on the coast to the eastern limit of UNIFIL's area of operations near Shebaa village is some 330 kilometers, most of it rugged and desolate mountains and parts of it undelineated and disputed by Lebanon and Syria.
Other examples are not so dramatic as that of Kafia Kingi (which has promising mineral and other resource deposits, especially copper), but they all are governed by the same extortionist logic on the part of the regime: "either we get our way with border issues or we will declare that our 'security' is threatened and respond militarily." The justification, of course, will be "self-defense." And until the international community does more than pass hortatory resolutions at the UN Security Council, until it actively engages in pressuring Khartoum to accept what has so far merely been "urged," this pattern will persist all along the border, where some 20 percent remains undelineated, and a vastly higher percentage undemarcated.
Olaf Nicolai's project, 2500 x Fillip 16, subverts this market pressure by causing the magazine to be printed in colour--yet this application of colour is undelineated and flows across the spectrum of the rainbow as well as across the page regardless of the printed content.
The second involves an undelineated section of the Gulf of Mexico known as the eastern gap with claims by the United States, Mexico, and Cuba.
Instead, it arises in a diffuse free space of unarbitrated and undelineated dimensions like the traditional "Wild West," where the fastest gun tended to prevail and social stability was fleeting indeed.
In the current undeveloped state of Second Amendment precedent, the most we know is that the Second Amendment protects an undelineated set of handguns because they are weapons "commonly owned" (the Supreme Court's phrase) for the defense of the home.
The rational methodology of philosophy and logic guide the poet superseding Lope's earlier undelineated view of imitation and ingenium in the epistle as a straight-forward, simple process using "lugares communes" as the "canto llano sobre que se fundan varios concetos ..." (587).
With this statement, an internal audience again materializes, an undelineated assemblage mapping out expected actions for the external audience.