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Adj.1.undepicted - not pictured
undelineated - not represented accurately or precisely
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But, the legend suggests, it is the undepicted and undepictable contents of such writings which offer the better portrait of the man.
Before presenting a sequence, we removed the beginning, middle, or end panel to see whether readers would fill in any undepicted information.
These forays into the feminine psyche reveal desires, emotions and thought processes that would otherwise go undepicted. Instead of belittling the woman's inner-musings--i.e.
Taksonominis diferencijavimas (hierarchiniu rysiu atskleidimas) analizuojamu atlasu ukio zemelapiu legendose Taisyklingas Is dalies Nevaizduojamas (correct) taisyklingas (undepicted) (partly correct) "Briedas" 25 0 75 8 kl.