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His stature was tall, and his gait, undepressed by age and toil, was erect and stately.
This species can be easily distinguished from the other Taira species by the indistinct RTA, the peaky interior branch of the DTA, the undepressed exterior branch of the DTA, the presence of the embolic process and two tegular processes of the male palp.
The funny thing about her new album is that so much of it is about getting undepressed, starting with its title tune, "Happy This Way," an upbeat missive to the mother who died when Owen was 15, a loss that shut her down emotionally for a couple of decades.
MST could rapidly transform ECT in the next few years, but it works on the presumption that you have to have a seizure to get people undepressed," which the other new modalities do not require, Dr.
7) This literature of "cognitive self-therapy" is essentially premised on the idea that many people are depressed because their natural mechanism of self-re-equilibration is broken, and that they can be helped by teaching them to do self-consciously what undepressed people do automatically.
Definitions of Body Landmarks Landmark Definition Glabella Undepressed skin surface point obtained by palpating the most for- ward projection of the forehead in the midline at the level of the brow ridges.
Unlike me: I was vaguely lost without (at least at that time) feeling particularly unhappy about it; an expatriate Southerner with a German wife living in Quebec and thus expected to be somewhat dislocated; a Walker Percy reader and thus strangely at home in the community of the alienated; undepressed, perhaps, but unlike Benjy, utterly at sea when it came to these broader structures of meaning.
6) The singularly valuable and supportive friend on the telephone was an alumna of one of the depressed person's boarding schools, a generous, nurturing divorced mother of two in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, who had recently undergone her second course of chemotherapy for a virulent neuroblastoma, which greatly reduced the number of activities and responsibilities in her full, vibrant, undepressed life, and who thus was not only almost always at home but also enjoyed nearly unlimited conflict-free availability and time to share on the telephone, for which the depressed person was now careful to enter a daily prayer of gratitude in her Feelings Journal.
In Mitchell's words, "large, undepressed firms controlled by decision makers who subscribe to the ideology of social responsibility - especially those who have recently weathered hostile public criticism and consequently are worried about government interference - are most likely to make social policy" (p.
I once saw a plainly undepressed young Latino couple filling these out in triplicate, as if they were participating in some kind of medical lotto.