under the circumstances

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Adv.1.Under the circumstances - because of prevailing conditionsunder the circumstances - because of prevailing conditions; "under the circumstances I cannot buy the house"
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There was only time to observe that she possessed the remains of rare personal beauty, and that she received her visitor with a grace and courtesy which implied (under the circumstances) a considerate regard for his position at the expense of her own.
As well, the Court held that section 43 ensures that the criminal law applies to any use of force that harms a child, but does not apply where the use of force "is part of a genuine effort to educate the child, poses no reasonable risk of harm that is more than transitory and trifling, and is reasonable under the circumstances."
Are you satisfied with the limits of liability your camp carries under the circumstances? If you have asked yourself these questions and developed the answers, congratulations on being focused and "sweating the small stuff" in your risk management and insurance program.