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Transacted, given, or sold illicitly.


1. (of merchandise) sold clandestinely.
2. illegal; unauthorized: under-the-counter payments.
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Adj.1.under-the-counter - done or sold illicitly and secretlyunder-the-counter - done or sold illicitly and secretly;
illegal - prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules; "an illegal chess move"


[ˌʌndəðəˈkaʊntəʳ] ADJ [goods etc] → adquirido por la trastienda; [deal] → turbio, poco limpio
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It is hoped that their skills in languages including Polish and Hungarian will help expose under-the-counter trade in goods such as cigarettes.
Some of the illicit stash was hidden in shops in under-the-counter compartments that could only be opened with car key-style fobs.
Easy access through markets or stores that obtain antibiotics for under-the-counter sales, difficulty accessing the health care system, cost of physician visits, long waiting periods in clinics, and transportation methods were all factors contributing to nonprescription use.
Yet a new study review suggests that's exactly what many Americans are doing: misusing "under-the-counter" or old leftover antibiotics to self-medicate without seeing a doctor or getting a prescription.
Other juice dispensing systems in the market are open under-the-counter systems with glass dispensers that are not aseptically sealed and require the use of artificial preservatives which are unhealthy and used in soft drinks which is not what consumers want to be drinking for breakfast.
However, under-the-counter sales carry an additional risk in the form of cheaply made and counterfeit products.
There was also an old 7 Up bottle filled with Raki, the local under-the-counter spirit that falls comfortably into the category of drinks that are great craic on holiday but utterly unpalatable back home.
This was a time when both everyday and luxury items were in short supply and usually rationed, although those with the cash could still get them in under-the-counter or clandestine deals.
Following the decision, Cllr Baldock said: "This shop has taken advantage of people on low incomes who have been seduced into buying cheap under-the-counter cigarettes, rolling tobacco and alcohol with no idea of what they really contain.
But that would have created an acute shortage of dollar leading to its under-the-counter trading at a much higher conversion rate.
Efforts will be made to agree on an all-round advantageous cooperation and an even distribution of added value so that no one is forced to sell at sub-or under-the-counter prices.
Appliance manufacturer True Residential, for example, offers a black refrigerator with copper hinges, cobalt appliances with gold and pewter hardware options, and under-the-counter fridges with interchangeable color light displays.