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tr.v. un·der·count·ed, un·der·count·ing, un·der·counts
To record fewer than the actual number of (persons in a census, for example).

un′der·count′ n.
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(Statistics) statistics an incomplete count
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(v. ˌʌn dərˈkaʊnt; n. ˈʌn dərˌkaʊnt)
1. to count less than the full number or amount of, esp. in an attempt to falsify records, returns, etc.
2. a count or total that is less than the actual number or amount.
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Undercounts in minority communities could be "disastrous" not only for those communities but to the entire state, she said.
Salvo said undercounts would result in fewer congressional seats and a possible reduction in funding from programs backed by the federal government.
Previous updates on SOII undercount research activities include "Examining evidence on whether BLS undercounts workplace injuries and illnesses" by John W.
The unclassified database used in this analysis undercounts military and paramilitary actions, but captures enough activity to provide a representative sample.
CDC researchers have admitted it probably undercounts the total because reporting laws vary from state to state and some abortionists may not report or under-report.
As noted earlier, the areas that were listed as problems in the 1890 census of American Indians, including language, resistance, high mobility rates, and lack of sufficiently trained interviewers, continue to be emphasized by researchers as reasons for undercounts in the more recent censuses.
After providing background on the Demographic Analysis (DA) estimation methodology, DA estimates for children are compared to the 2010 Decennial Census counts to detect net undercounts and overcounts.
In response, officials had worked to improve the counting process to minimize errors, be they what came to be called undercounts, overcounts, miscounts, padding, or curbstoning.
The newspaper method likely undercounts the incidents, since most defensive gun uses--especially ones that don't result in the gun being fired--never make the papers.
Although demographic analysis is the preferred method of estimating census undercounts, all methods are fallible.
"But even Swift's BAT has trouble finding these highly absorbed sources, and we know that the survey undercounts them.