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 (ŭn′dər-krôft′, -krŏft′)
A crypt, especially one used for burial under a church.

[Middle English : under-, under- + croft, crypt (from Middle Dutch crofte, from Medieval Latin crupta, from Latin crypta, crypt; see crypt).]


(Architecture) an underground chamber, such as a church crypt, often with a vaulted ceiling
[C14: from croft a vault, cavern, from earlier crofte, ultimately from Latin crypta crypt]
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A design and access statement submitted by the developer to Flintshire County Council, says each of the new two-storey homes - eight onebedroom and four two-bedroom - will be at first floor level with undercroft parking, and additional spaces at the rear of the properties (24 in total).
An authentic Georgian threecourse dinner will be served in the magnificent medieval Undercroft Restaurant at Durham Cathedral on July 23.
The development is secure and gated and benefits from undercroft parking in addition to an on-site residents' gymnasium.
Storytelling with Emma Dodd March 29, 10am at Cardiff Castle Undercroft The award-winning author and illustrator will be launching the latest book in the I Love You series, I Love My Granny.
And to keep visitors warm and energised, The Undercroft Restaurant is offering a seasonal menu.
The project intends to preserve and re-establish the 12th century priory undercroft, exhibit the full breadth of the museum s extensive collections and interpret the site s 900 year history.
In a rare honour, the former Cabinet minister was laid in rest overnight at Parliament's Chapel of St Mary Undercroft.
There is space for two cars in the undercroft car park.
THE Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry is hosting its annual Family History Fair on the Heritage Open days weekend of September 14 and 15, and the medieval undercroft will also be open to visitors.
They were told to gather in The Undercroft between noon and 2pm at Windsor Castle, while the staff at Holyrood in the coffee shop and Abbey Strand.
On their way to the House of Commons they had passed through St Stephen's Hall and Undercroft Chapel, before stopping in the central lobby where they saw their local MP, Simon Reevell.
There's also allocated undercroft parking and concierge.