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tr.v. un·der·ex·posed, un·der·ex·pos·ing, un·der·ex·pos·es
To expose (film) to light for too short a time or to light or radiation that is insufficient to produce normal image contrast.

un′der·ex·po′sure (-ĭk-spō′zhər) n.


1. (Photography) photog
a. inadequate exposure to light
b. an underexposed negative, print, or transparency
2. insufficient attention or publicity


(ˌʌn dər ɪkˈspoʊ ʒər)

1. inadequate exposure, as of photographic film.
2. a photographic negative or print that is imperfect because of insufficient exposure.
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Noun1.underexposure - the act of exposing film to too little light or for too short a timeunderexposure - the act of exposing film to too little light or for too short a time
exposure - the act of exposing film to light
2.underexposure - inadequate publicityunderexposure - inadequate publicity      
exposure - the act of subjecting someone to an influencing experience; "she denounced the exposure of children to pornography"


[ˈʌnderɪksˈpəʊʒəʳ] N (Phot) → subexposición f


[ˌʌndərɪkˈspəʊʒəʳ] n (Phot) → sottoesposizione f
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"Overexposure risks their balance sheet and earnings, but underexposure will cause them to miss out on the higher returns that the property catastrophe space might offer.
with fewer white students, so-called "underexposure," than the
That may mean underexposure to "the unknown" -- like international stocks -- which they perceive to be risky, he adds.
For these two reasons, the overexposure or underexposure often occur in the generated LDR images, resulting in the loss of important scene information.
It could be due to underexposure of students to psychology during internship and poorly planned curriculum.
Portaluppi, "Nocturnal light pollution and underexposure to daytime sunlight: complementary mechanisms of circadian disruption and related diseases," Chronobiology International, vol.
There are some artefacts visible under closer inspection, though, and some images taken in bright light show a degree of underexposure. The blur is not as aggressive as we've seen on some other devices such as iPhone X.
Generally, the luminance range of digital image described by RGB color model is about two orders of magnitude (256) and there are always some overexposure and underexposure parts in the image.
Parameter Normal exposure Underexposure Overexposure Aperture size f/4.5 f/4.5 f/4.5 Exposure time (sec) 1/640 1/5000 1/80 ISO speed 100 100 100 Focal length (mm) 67 67 67 TABLE 2: Settings of the camera and lens used in the second case study.
[18], which also has the ability to circumvent halo effects and to avoid underexposure in the restoration output.