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This highlights the tactic of governments who wish to ruin a public service: they simply underfund the service, which creates a public outcry, and the government then responds by announcing the "only solution" to fix the problem is through privatisation.
We cannot underfund our NHS and expect to have a healthy population."
PCTs with the strongest tendency to underfund practices in poor areas, according to the HSJ analysis, were Trafford, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Harrow, North Lancashire, Bolton, Kirklees, Hastings & Rother, Central & Eastern Cheshire and East Riding of Yorkshire.
If the funding levels do not recover over time, the PBGC will be forced to take on plans that have become even more severely underfunded. With the PBGC itself already severely in the red, the prospect of allowing any employers to further underfund their plans may come back to bite the agency with a vengeance.
"These numbers underscore the danger to Medicare beneficiaries of losing access to quality nursing home care if we underfund our system of nursing home care," says Len Fishman, immediate past president of AAHSA.
First, PBGC might impose tighter funding requirements, since the ability to underfund is greater in the U.S.
If taxpayers expect to remain in the community, there is less incentive to underfund pensions because they will not avoid paying for promised pensions.
Your article ("The Best Care Anywhere" by Phillip Longman, January/February) should be required reading for a) every member of Congress and the administration who continue to underfund the best health-care system in the country, and b) your colleagues in the print and broadcast media who appear to be interested in the Veterans Health Administration only when we have a problem.
Judith Collins can no longer underfund and under-resource policing.
This shows an astonishing indifference to the fact that if you underfund the health service in Wales then Welsh lives will be lost.
"That leaves generations of students in underfunded schools," Martire said.
"Like a lot of our state agencies, DHS is underfunded and understaffed," Walke said.