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1. Acting or done in a deceptive, secret, or sly manner; dishonest and sneaky. See Synonyms at secret.
2. Underhand: an underhanded toss.
1. In a sly and secret way.
2. With an underhand movement.

un′der·hand′ed·ly adv.
un′der·hand′ed·ness n.


another word for underhand, short-handed
ˌunderˈhandedly adv
ˌunderˈhandedness n


(ˈʌn dərˌhænd)

1. not open and aboveboard; secret and crafty.
2. executed with the hand below the level of the shoulder and the palm turned upward and forward: an underhand pitch.
3. with the hand below the level of the shoulder and the palm turned upward and forward.
4. secretly; stealthily.
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Adj.1.underhanded - marked by deceptionunderhanded - marked by deception; "achieved success in business only by underhand methods"
corrupt, crooked - not straight; dishonest or immoral or evasive
2.underhanded - with hand brought forward and up from below shoulder levelunderhanded - with hand brought forward and up from below shoulder level; "an underhand pitch"; "an underhand stroke"
athletics, sport - an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition


References in classic literature ?
Harris was greatly touched with this mark of confidence, and said so, in a voice that had a perceptible tremble in it; but at the same time he said he did not feel himself worthy of so conspicuous a favor; that it might cause jealousy in the command, for there were plenty who would not hesitate to say he had used underhanded means to get the appointment, whereas his conscience would bear him witness that he had not sought it at all, nor even, in his secret heart, desired it.
Wall Street--so named from a street in ancient New York, where was situated the stock exchange, and where the irrational organization of society permitted underhanded manipulation of all the industries of the country.
It is that he cannot have too little to do with people who are too deep for him and cannot be too careful of interference with matters he does not understand--that the plain rule is to do nothing in the dark, to be a party to nothing underhanded or mysterious, and never to put his foot where he cannot see the ground.
You are reproaching me, underhanded, with having nobody but you to look to.
But the craft, the secrecy, the dark deep underhanded plotting, written in Mrs Boffin's countenance, make me shudder.
They are covert, sly, underhanded communications, but, fortunately, far more conclusive than if couched in the most glowing language and the most poetic imagery--letters that must be viewed with a cautious and suspicious eye--letters that were evidently intended at the time, by Pickwick, to mislead and delude any third parties into whose hands they might fall.
This has much to do with reports of an underhanded deal between the PPP and the PML-N, allegedly reached last month which resulted in the PPP's support in the Senate for legislation on the delimitation of constituencies, in return for the assurances by the PML-N leadership in securing some seats in the Senate polls from the Punjab's quota, and some seats from southern Punjab in general elections.
While admonishing the passengers lawyer for failing to disclose the doctors initial contrary opinion and for not providing the physicians affidavit until the date of the arbitration hearing, Indeglia said the Supreme Court nevertheless cannot agree with the [lower judges] conclusion that his actions were so underhanded or conniving as to amount to undue means.
The DOTr, under the leadership of Secretary Arthur Tugade, assures Senator Poe as well as the public, that the agency would not use underhanded tactics to compel our courts to issue such order,' the department said.
Furthermore, there is underhanded trickery going on in Europe from several perspectives with relation to the resettlement quotas, he declared.
Justin may express some doubts that setting the building ablaze is a good idea, but Bill will refuse to accept that his plan may be too underhanded, and will order Justin to make sure that what he wants happens.
Dukes, a man who doesn't take criticism lightly, said it was outrageous to suggest there was anything underhanded about the sale of the company - even if it did result in a [euro]105million loss to the public.