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1. Acting or done in a deceptive, secret, or sly manner; dishonest and sneaky. See Synonyms at secret.
2. Underhand: an underhanded toss.
1. In a sly and secret way.
2. With an underhand movement.

un′der·hand′ed·ly adv.
un′der·hand′ed·ness n.
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Adv.1.underhandedly - slyly and secretlyunderhandedly - slyly and secretly; "Mean revenge, committed underhand"- John Donne; "oldline aristocratic diplomats underhandedly undermined the attempt...to align Germany with the Western democracies"- C.G.Bowers
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[ˌʌndəˈhændɪdlɪ] ADVsolapadamente
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ISLAMABAD -- National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal on Thursday said that he shall resign from office if a link that even remotely indicates that the anti-corruption watchdog is working underhandedly for political gains is established, Express News reported.
It can sometimes convey the undesirable connotation of underhandedly seeking career advancement through a manipulative relationship with one's boss.
She added: "We all think it has been done underhandedly. We haven't been told the truth."
This theory depicts the FBI as a malevolent, corrupt, and partisan institution that underhandedly attempted to thwart Trump's presidential bid--and used Steele's memos to do so.
The intent of such insidious, underhandedly institutional racism was, practically speaking, bent on making it impossible for African Americans (and especially African American men) to participate in public American life in any significant or broadly meaningful way.
Here a translocation of the discriminatory element now attached to sugar cane was shown to be underhandedly transferable to the lower classes of the own society, and the qualifier 'black' was for the first time revealed as being as much a racial as a social one.
According to the journalist Zack Kopplin, writing for Slate, biology workbooks used by Responsive Education Solutions "overtly and underhandedly discredit evidence-based science and allow creationism into public school classrooms." RES co-founder and CEO Chuck Cook issued a statement in defense of the practice, asserting, "There is much research to be done in this area of origins.
Caption: Ham-handed press: The so-called mainstream press have been pushing the meme that Trump colluded with Russia to underhandedly beat Hillary Clinton in the race for president, but as yet there has been no proof of such a plan.
He lastly denied that TL archive had been sold underhandedly. R.A.H.
"In effect the club are underhandedly, unashamedly forcing fans who sit in block 22 to pay 10 per cent more to sit in exactly the same place to watch lower level football.
Solar added that, by engaging in mass media and advertising activities under foreign control and backed by foreign funding, Fox 'underhandedly' edged out its local competition, causing them damage (we supposed Solar was speaking from experience).