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Not derived; basic: an underived postulate.


not derived


(ˌʌn dɪˈraɪvd)

not derived; fundamental, as an axiom or postulate.
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Adj.1.underived - not derived; primary or simple
derived - formed or developed from something else; not original; "the belief that classes and organizations are secondary and derived"- John Dewey
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And not only this, but to that ever-contracting, dropping circle ashore, who, for any reason, possessed the privilege of a less banned approach to him; to that timid circle the above hinted casualty --remaining, as it did, moodily unaccounted for by Ahab --invested itself with terrors, not entirely underived from the land of spirits and of wails.
Both of these mainstream views, as I will refer to them--the traditional view that matter is the principle of diversification and the view that form is the principle of diversification--agree that numerical diversification is underived at some level in the order of composition: the level of matter for the traditional view; the level of form for the other view.
Each of them includes 20 simple, underived words as a point of departure for the paradigm development.
This is a deverbal derivative: the underived root is MariE nonca- 'shape' (= Fi 'muovailla') (< PMari *nunca-).
Analysis of linguistic literature on the subject made it possible to distinguish the following structural types of terms: underived, derived, compound, terminological word combinations, abbreviations.
If origins are no longer inherited as a collective, the name of the human turns against itself, its own name, to name the human to come (that which exceeds the limits of that name and is underived from it).
As in "Poland Revisited," confession proves endless in Under Western Eyes, but, going beyond the essay, it also elaborates both how the Russian revolution makes visible impasses of responsibility underlying juridico-legal and Christological traditions of confession, and how testimonial language creates an underived responsibility to another.
When I invoke the planet," writes Spivak, "I think of the effort required to figure the (im)possibility of this underived intuition" (72).
This paper examines ditransitive clauses in the Yakima dialect of Sahaptin, describing three classes of underived ditransitives and two classes of derived ditransitives.
The divine being (primary and essential attributes of God: sufficiency, underived existence, unity, infinity, immeasurability, eternity, life)
Lexeme-based morphology, on the contrary, assumes that only lexemes, derived or underived, are signs, and that affixes, reduplication, re-vowelling, metathesis, subtraction, stem mutation, and the like, are means of phonologically marking independent derivational operations which a lexeme might have undergone.