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Not derived; basic: an underived postulate.


not derived


(ˌʌn dɪˈraɪvd)

not derived; fundamental, as an axiom or postulate.
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Adj.1.underived - not derived; primary or simple
derived - formed or developed from something else; not original; "the belief that classes and organizations are secondary and derived"- John Dewey
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And not only this, but to that ever-contracting, dropping circle ashore, who, for any reason, possessed the privilege of a less banned approach to him; to that timid circle the above hinted casualty --remaining, as it did, moodily unaccounted for by Ahab --invested itself with terrors, not entirely underived from the land of spirits and of wails.
First, non-intersective modification seen in the derived nominals in (3) and (4) applies to underived instruments as well as to those derived from a verb.
Bobaljik and Zocca (2011) investigate the behavior of nominal predicates under ellipsis and show that there are semantic classes of nominals that differ with respect to whether or not the underived masculine forms carry a presupposition of maleness.
Saying that the natural law is self-evident qua underived from a metaphysics or account of human nature describes the knowing process in a negative way and tells us how the natural law is not grasped.
One of the examples of Orientalist cultural logic and its embeddedness in both discourse and practice is the creation of Indian culture as pure and underived. European scholars established hierarchies of texts and languages, such as the attempt to create an Indian vernacular by purifying Hindi of foreign elements (mostly Arabic and Persian) while ignoring how the alleged contamination resulted from natural, historical, and cultural development.
In a more positive sense, figuring the "planet" as a healthy imaginative alternative to the "globe" and its "imposition of the same system of exchange everywhere," Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak has suggested that the difficulty of imagining the "planet" is part of its appeal: "When I invoke the planet, I think of the effort required to figure the (im)possibility of this underived intuition," she writes, in Death of a Discipline (Columbia U.
LET US SAY THAT YOUR ENDS are whatever you have ultimate (underived) reason to do or to bring about.
Both of these mainstream views, as I will refer to them--the traditional view that matter is the principle of diversification and the view that form is the principle of diversification--agree that numerical diversification is underived at some level in the order of composition: the level of matter for the traditional view; the level of form for the other view.
However, the apex of the passage's humor comes with the final phrase, "when a strolling carpenter's apprentice said calmly and almost carelessly, like one looking over his shoulder: 'Before Abraham was, I am.'" Like "hairbrushes in Habakkuk," a "strolling" Jesus "carelessly" claiming eternality and perfect, underived being, acts in varying, even opposite ways on the reader.
Without going into too much detail, the primary object includes the basic object of underived transitive verbs, the causee in causative constructions, and the recipient in underived verbs of transfer, while the secondary object includes the applied object added by an applicative and the thematic object of underived ditransitive verbs.
(39) The key issue is that of aseity: God's being is underived; that is, God has being so necessarily as to be in some sense being itself.