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intr.v. un·der·re·act·ed, un·der·re·act·ing, un·der·re·acts
To react with insufficient enthusiasm, force, or emphasis.

un′der·re·ac′tion n.


vb (intr)
to react with less intensity than is expected or is suitable
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Stone (2013) found that voters underreacted to wins by low ranked teams and overreacted to losses by top ranked teams.
This would imply that Tweets can point out when prices have underreacted to information.
In other words, the mere presence of a tagged Tweet can inform us that the market has underreacted to positive news, and/or overreacted to negative news.
"When the world underreacted, I thought: 'Hmm, better try harder.
We find that homebuyers were generally well informed, and that their short-run expectations if anything underreacted to the year-to-year change in actual home prices.
In a DHS study, investors overreacted to private information and underreacted to public information while in a HS study news-watchers underreacted to public news and the trend chasers overreacted to price movements.
However, when the crisis became apparent and full-blown, extreme pessimism and overreaction set in.<span style="mso-spacerun: yes;"> </span>Some of the same analysts and investors who underreacted now expected a global Great Depression, the collapse of almost every single Wall Street bank, and possibly the end of Western capitalism.
Younger matriarchs' families underreacted, McComb and her colleagues report in an upcoming Proceedings of the Royal Society B.
Most girls get embarrassed if their bloke over-reacts, but mine underreacted.
McNamara said: ''It will be the same as every week - we've never over-reacted or underreacted to a win or a loss.
During the meeting examples of offenses and the punishments awarded were discussed, including a case involving child abuse where, in the opinion of the SJA, the commander in question "underreacted," "had shirked his or her leadership responsibilities," and should have been disciplined for his handling of the case.
the institutional puzzle would be to explain why government underreacted