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intr.v. un·der·re·act·ed, un·der·re·act·ing, un·der·re·acts
To react with insufficient enthusiasm, force, or emphasis.

un′der·re·ac′tion n.


vb (intr)
to react with less intensity than is expected or is suitable
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Subsequent studies found that the continuation of the path of returns in the medium term could be explained by investors underreacting to the arrival of new information flows (Chan, Jegadeesh, and Lakonishok, 1996).
Is the Market Underreacting or Overreacting to Open Market Share Repurchases?
Most importantly, some possible countermoves risk provoking the US into over- or underreacting.
They discuss examples in Canadian history of over and underreacting to terrorism; the evolving terrorist threat to which the Canadian government is responding; the use of surveillance as an anti-terror tool; the role of information sharing; interventions that involve restrictions of movement through interdiction, restraining terrorist threats, and interruption, including preventive arrest, and their effects on prosecutions; Bill C-51's speech offense; and how Canadian anti-terrorism law and policy can be improved.
Ferruccio Ceriotti: The problem can be seen also from the other side: underreacting to a value just inside, but close to the limit.
Over time, this results in the person's inability to successfully modulate emotion so she or he may swing from states of intense affect to those marked by numbed passivity Our ability to judge the true danger of a present-day situation is damaged; we may confuse people around us by overreacting or underreacting to current situations.
Overreacting or underreacting to the event can also be a problem says Nikhinson.
Joint pain, fatigue, and cognitive dysfunction are just a few of the symptoms related to the immune system's overreacting or underreacting.
It gives me a clue about whether I'm overthinking or underthinking, overreacting or underreacting, being self-absorbed or not taking enough care of myself, being too abstract or thinking with the little head instead of the big one.
Cheit, a professor of political science at Brown University, argued, "We have, over the last 20 years, discounted the word of children who might testify about sexual abuse" and have become "more worried about overreacting to child sexual abuse than we are about underreacting to it.
Friedberg contends that the United States is underreacting to the growing threat of China and should enhance the balancing aspects of its hedging policy, which places this book in the more hawkish camp of literature on China's rise.
W]e must constantly balance the danger of underreacting to deviations of the aggregates from target paths against the danger of overreacting .