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tr.v. un·der·rep·re·sent·ed, un·der·rep·re·sent·ing, un·der·rep·re·sents
1. To state or imply as being lower in quantity, quality, or degree than is actually the case: Management has seriously underrepresented the firm's financial problems.
2. To cause to be underrepresented.

un′der·rep′re·sen·ta′tion n.
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One tweet read, "I have nothing against Kim Kardashian but @VOGUEIndia is really doing itself a disservice by continually neglecting to portrait brown women in their "magazine"- you're perpetuating a detrimental cycle of underrepresentation.
How can such underrepresentation of the urban electorate come about?
Seeking to tackle the underrepresentation of women in particular in STEM roles, 40 pupils from four schools, including Queen's Park High School and Christleton International Studio, heard talks from volunteers from both firms about the range of careers that are available in the financial services and aerospace sectors through an inspirational talk and speed networking session.
In order to support his thesis, the author relies on the myths produced by the populists and on their claim to solve the problem of the underrepresentation.
That said, the EFL is at least trying to tackle the stark underrepresentation of BAME coaches and managers in the professional game and already has a mandatory recruitment code that applies to coaching jobs in academies.
Summary: Pimco, Fidelity International, Vanguard and two other asset managers have joined forces with the body for investment professionals to tackle the woeful underrepresentation of women in the UK's fund industry.
Comments attributed to Local Government Minister David Templeman: "While I am absolutely delighted to see that we have a record number of candidates nominating for election and a significant increase in the number of postal votes received to date, I am dismayed about the reports of bullying and the underrepresentation of women.
Educators from the US address the underrepresentation of black women in STEM fields in the US and approaches to increase participation, gender discrimination in Nigerian secondary schools, African American masculinity and literacy, same-race student and teacher interactions in classrooms in the US, education policy in American Indian tribal governments, school leadership and educator attitudes, using Mexican dance to increase parental involvement, and emerging trends of education policy in the future.
However, they were also messages about the difficulty of obtaining research funding, the reduction in numbers of people going into science and the ongoing underrepresentation of women within the science community.
The same goes for underrepresentation of smaller parties: The UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) gained 12.
In particular, HSBC is committed to addressing the underrepresentation of women at senior levels, and ensuring more women play a crucial role in its high-performing, inclusive and connected working environment.
That's a big deal in a state with a surging Hispanic population and a history of political underrepresentation.