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Existing or used beneath the surface of the sea: undersea life; undersea cameras.
adv. undersea (ŭn′dər-sē′) also un·der·seas (-sēz′)
Beneath the surface of the sea.
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adj, adv
(Physical Geography) a variant of undersea
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(ˌʌn dərˈsiz)

beneath the surface of the sea.
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"It's the other kind of Google fiber that is helping all players, which is the fiber we have connecting all of our data centers together, the private backbone that google has, the hundreds of thousands of miles of cable, many of which go underseas and across continents.
The project will be set in the underseas kingdom in the Marianas Trench, where a group of the original inhabitants were sent after Atlantis sunk and evolved into savage monsters.
Canberra in June said it would negotiate a security treaty with Vanuatu and also fund and build an underseas communications cable to the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.
Pakistan has already developed and expanded its technology highways with international underseas cable for its future demands.
Along with his ditzy best friend Patrick Star, Spongebob goes around his daily life with an array of other colorful characters including his pessimistic neighbor and co-worker Squidward Tentacles, his pet snail Garry, his money-loving boss Eugene Krabs and a squirrel that somehow lives underseas, Sandy Cheeks.
She is board certified in general surgery and underseas hyperbaric medicine.
Narrative voice cuts through the imaginings of the man where we are told, 'Our old inn-keeper thought all these thoughts, as he looked at the icon on the wall, in the green underseas glow of deepest winter flooding through his six whorled panes.' (p.49).
He had to gain security clearance to become an advanced underseas weapons technician in the navy.
They are great halls, each lit by a skylight four stories overhead which, because of the dirt that has accumulated on the glass through years of neglect, admits the kind of unreal light found underseas" (87).
This seagoing glider, which uses thermal energy from the ocean to propel itself, is the first "green" robot to explore underseas, according to its creators, a team from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Webb Research, both based in Massachusetts.
He told American war veterans: "You took an oath to defend our flag and our freedom, and you kept that oath underseas and under fire."