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tr.v. un·der·staffed, un·der·staff·ing, un·der·staffs
To supply with fewer employees than required: Management was careful not to understaff the agency.
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But it was barely finished and still understaffed; only three tenants had moved in; the office just above Flambeau was occupied, as also was the office just below him; the two floors above that and the three floors below were entirely bare.
It's not only chaotic, but extremely dangerous to understaff the welfare state."
The Otjozondjupa Regional Police Commander on Tuesday called for a need to recruit more police officers for his region as the policing structure is understaffed.
The report, which was tabled in the House by the newly elected Majority Leader Gideon Gachara, and who has been a member of the committee, says the hospital has inadequate facilities in all units, is understaffed, with one nurse handling 30 patients and the infrastructure is in deplorable condition.
Season's greetings: The 1998 Christmas shopping season - one in which Amazon was severely understaffed - was so crazy it prompted the company to vow to never be understaffed again; hence, its tradition of hiring several seasonal workers.
"At the time that the toddler's family was involved with the Department, the entire Northern Region of DCFS, including the Field Office, was understaffed (at times as low as 66 percent understaffed), resulting in excessive investigative caseloads," the report stated.
"Like a lot of our state agencies, DHS is underfunded and understaffed," Walke said.
At the severely understaffed Malok Abad Primary School in Mingora, some 700 boys are crammed into six classrooms, while younger students are made to study out in the open - in the courtyard or the rooftop - as infrastructure damaged in the 2005 earthquake still sits unrepaired.
The news comes as services are already seriously understaffed and struggling to cope with a surge in patients seeking help for anxiety, depression and other disorders.
Last year, the department increased starting salaries for correctional officers and offered hiring bonuses at its most severely understaffed lockups, but understaffing in Texas' massive prison system continues to be a problem.
They are dangerously understaffed and overworked and most of them work 60-70 hour weeks and get paid very little.