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Not striking or obvious, as in style or ornamentation; restrained or subtle: "The waiting room is comfortable and understated" (Tony Schwartz).

un′der·stat′ed·ly adv.
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in an understated manner
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News of his roster spot was delivered while Gillan and his father were at The Flying Monkey Pub in Cleveland's Tremont .The Browns fanbase has already embraced the kid who Woodburn understatedly describes as "not your typical punter".
Holder (327) gave the impression that the Court had deliberately used the avoidance canon to lay the groundwork for novel constitutional principles that it could then understatedly adopt in a subsequent case.
The poems, each representative of successive decades of Poland's troubled century, are well-chosen and the translations well-made, and the general orchestration never draws attention to itself, serving rather to underpin the message of this understatedly passionate tribute to the homeland Panufnik's father had to flee.
The understatedly muscular exterior design, created using an exclusive and revolutionary Superforming technology, results in a lightweight, yet stiff, all-aluminum laser-cut body.
Signature dishes include Maryland crab cakes, a New England favourite, and Martha's seafood platter, named after the understatedly glamorous town of Martha's Vineyard in Cape Cod.
With the debut of the Submariner, Rolex became known for what horology fiends understatedly refer to as the "tool watch"--and the brand has never looked back.
It is thus not surprising that Luiz Ruffato's Vista parcial da noite is cast in a somber tone, repeatedly marked by night's darkness--and understatedly evoking the oppressive mark of the dictatorship--evident at the outset from its title.
Owners Pamela Valdes and brother Gabriel Panlilio established Aminsana as a venue that is relaxed but is also understatedly elegant and intimate.
This understatedly huge improvement allows for EFBs with geo-referenced charts to display ownship position.
Since their first gig in 2006, the Manchester four-piece have been plugging away consistently, almost understatedly, gathering an army of fans and - more to the point - keeping them.
("Intense!" is how he understatedly describes that experience.) At the opposite extreme, Riggs also loved reading James Thurber, a favorite of his grandmother's.