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This approach, combined with a near-real-time data engine, provides the ability to identify and address issues at the tactical level that, for example, would show overstock or understock levels by location, or production lead times beyond acceptable targets.
The dashboard design provides a picture of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales, accounts receiveable, inventory holding, overstock and understock, purchase orders, customer orders and more.
Incidence and severity of buprestid infestation in field-grown Acer platanoides related to cardinal orientation of understock bud union.
A Many double lilacs are grafted on an understock of another variety.
When the length of the season is much shorter than the replenishment time or when replenishment costs are high, a widely-studied approach has been to make a single shipment at the beginning of the sales season for a quantity that optimally balances the costs of understock and overstock.
The first step in grafting is obtaining the scions, the short pieces of branches with two to three buds that are inserted into the understock (tree or rootstock).
The Manugistics system offered several other features: automated input of demand signals into Motorola's overall planning system: automated feedback to the customer of Motorola's supply commitment; automatic analysis of inventory over- or understock with signals to responsible planners: and "management by exception" instead of a line-by-line examination of inventory.
For grafting to be successful, the scion and understock must be compatible, and the cambium layers must be in close contact between the scion and understock.
When the wholesale relationship comprises only a per-unit price that exceeds the manufacturing cost, the retailer's inventory strategy will not properly reflect the channel's overstock and understock costs.
She also tends to understock the property in order to not wear out the land.