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n. pl. un·der·sto·ries
An underlying layer of vegetation, especially the plants that grow beneath a forest's canopy.
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Understory - a weather network and analytics startup interested in insurance customers - has raised $5.25 million in new financings.
Invasive shrubs have become increasingly prevalent in the deciduous forests of eastern North America - often creating a dense understory that outcompetes native plants.
Understory, a Madison, Wisconsin, startup whose ultra-local weather sensors can tell if a hailstorm that pelted your roof or a downpour that flooded your street left damage in its wake, is heading into a year of explosive growth.
The Veery (Catharus fuscescens) is an area-sensitive, Neotropical migrant passerine that breeds within a variety of moist deciduous forest types, particularly those with a well-developed understory (Heckscher et al, 2017).
Keywords: Alnus acuminate, Colombian Andes, community similarity, foraging stratum, foraging strategy, understory height
In addition to the canopy, understory and soil levels of many forests, the TMCFs have a great abundance and diversity of epiphytes, in a high humidity environment, due to persistent presence of clouds, mist and high precipitation rates.
The interception of solar radiation by forest species above 39% (Bosi et al., 2014) can interfere with growth and development of plants grown in the understory. Therefore, silvicultural practices such as canopy driving and tree pruning are indispensable when the aim is to increase the transmissivity of solar radiation by the understory and achieve balance between agricultural and forestry farming in order to meet the demand for energy and food.
Understory trees have it easier, with lower temperatures and wind speeds and higher humidity, and a far shorter distance to transport water from their roots to their canopy.
Understory announced an international expansion and strategic collaboration with Monsanto.
Dwarf bamboo, a dominant understory clonal plant in temperate forests, is recognized to be an key factor for forest regeneration.