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tr.v. un·der·val·ued, un·der·val·u·ing, un·der·val·ues
1. To assign too low a value to; underestimate.
2. To have too little regard or esteem for.

un′der·val′u·a′tion n.
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Noun1.undervaluation - too low a value or price assigned to something
rating, valuation, evaluation - an appraisal of the value of something; "he set a high valuation on friendship"
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In this situation, some companies think that their share prices are undervalued not because of the company itself but due to the general fear and undervaluation of the market as a whole,' remarked Shankar Talreja, an analyst at Topline Research.
Chua also cited such factors as undervaluation, tax evasion and the existence of more than 500 economic zones, which are all separate customs territories that could have a lot of leakage.
The Federation of Free Farmers (FFF) urged President Duterte to order the Department of Agriculture to conduct an antidumping investigation into rice imports to curb undervaluation by unscrupulous traders.
Hurt by import surge, farmers seek anti-dumping duties !-- -- Louise Maureen Simeon (The Philippine Star) - August 2, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines Local farmers want the government to impose anti-dumping duties and penalties on imported rice in a bid to address the undervaluation of the commodity following the new rice regime in the country.
Sundays), also revealed alleged undervaluation of imported rice to evade tariffs.
So it's much better from our perspective to be able to assume debt, pay that off within the year without giving equity at an undervaluation."
He said: "In my view, every position within the portfolio will continue to be united by one thing: undervaluation."
The process is: "To establish whether nursing and midwifery work has been undervalued either historically or currently based on gender bias, to agree on what the undervaluation is and to negotiate how the outcome or settlement is applied."
The change puts foreign exporters, most notably China, on notice that the Commerce Department can respond with tariffs against currency undervaluation that harm US industries.
China, Japan and East Asian countries followed the opposite policy of undervaluation to industrialise.
He cites the company's better than expected Q4 results, new contracts and services that will become "key drivers of growth" over the next three to five years, and "undervaluation in the market" for his upgrade of the shares.