underwater diver

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Noun1.underwater diver - someone who works underwaterunderwater diver - someone who works underwater  
deep-sea diver - a diver in the deeper parts of the sea
explorer, adventurer - someone who travels into little known regions (especially for some scientific purpose)
pearl diver, pearler - a diver who searches for molluscs containing pearls
scuba diver - an underwater diver who uses scuba gear
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An underwater diver from Greater Manchester Police, who helped with the rescue effort, said the body could be washed up along the coast.
navies await the go-ahead to deploy the system, Raytheon is adapting the technology for underwater diver and submersible robot applications.
The dive sticks in question are soft plastic tubes that have character heads and feet, including a yellow seahorse, a green and purple walrus, a red and blue underwater diver and a blue shark.
Being an ocean scientist and an underwater diver fit right together.
Paying an underwater diver to scrape away the mussels -- a costly, time-consuming and dangerous task -- constitutes the best available alternative.
In his sacrifice, the expert paratrooper and a combat underwater diver saved the lives of many men under his charge.
Now the 25-year-old from Hexham is training as an underwater diver.
To understand critical reflection, envision an underwater diver with a flashlight trying to signal a watchful partner in a boat.
The body of Christopher McCreadie (inset), 20, was discovered by an underwater diver at Denbigh Quarry on the night of Saturday, May 17, after he disappeared under the water during the afternoon.
I am happy that I work with big international community of underwater divers and help in keeping the sea clean.
Their bodies were recovered by police underwater divers at 7.30pm.

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